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Nimbus 'Cyko-Lite' Tyre Review by Simon Berry

The Cyko-Lite is now on sale but with it being such a new tyre its relatively unknown.  To try and show people how good this tyre is we gave one to the famous Simon Berry of Voodoo Unicycles for a review. Coming second in the British Street Unicycling competition, Simon is one of the best in the UK. Constantly striving for bigger and better street tricks, here is what he said about the Cyko-Lite:

When unicycle.com contacted me and asked if I would like to test their new lightweight tyre, I accepted of course, but I have to say I was sceptical.  I had ridden the 880g try all light in the past, and I felt as though anything lighter would just be impossible to be a good, functional tyre. However, I’ve been riding with it for just over a month and I’m very pleasantly surprised.

Upon receiving the tyre one of the first things that struck me was how round it was, which for me has been a very good thing. My style of riding involves mostly rolling hops and flatland tricks, so the round profile makes riding seem slick and smooth, yet still grippy with the knobbly grip. (Especially in comparison to very square tyres such as the Eagle claw.) The round profile of the tyre is a slight disadvantage while riding skinnies, but I found it still perfectly do-able.


The tyre has thinner sidewalls than any other tyre I’ve ridden with, so to compensate I started riding with a slightly higher pressure, in order to prevent it folding. I was surprised at how well the tyre compresses and bounces, especially for static hops, so my worries of it not being great for trials did not continue. I found myself able to sidehop, rolling hop and gap just as far as I could with other tyres, so it’s definitely usable for trials riders. Bear in mind, due to the thinner sidewalls and curved profile, the bounce isn’t as good as the Monty, which has become the favoured tyre among trials riders, but the weight loss may make up for it.

Now to the tyres main selling point, the weight. This tyre is LIGHT. At almost half the weight of a Nimbus Blizzard, and 200g less than a Monty Eagle Claw, this tyre is by far the lightest on the market, only comparable to the Try all light which is twice as expensive as the Nimbus Cyko. While using the tyre I found that flipping crankflips became far easier, and helped me to land a 1 handed quad flip within 10 minutes of mounting the tyre, something that would have been far more difficult while using a heavier tyre. One of the key features of making a light wheel to crankflip is not necessarily the lightness, but where the weight is on the wheel. The tyre is a large part of the rotational weight, so losing weight on the tyre is great for crankflips. To a lesser extent the weight loss is also noticeable for unispins, which is always a good thing. For the trials purists among you, trials rider Mike Padial cut every second side knob off the tyre, losing another 70g of weight, pushing it down to 770g. An extraordinary feat for a trials tyre!


Think about it, if you’re riding a uni with a creepy crawler tyre (which is most of you), using this tyre is around the equivalent weight loss of installing a mad4one hub, which is much more time consuming, expensive, and awkward.

The tyre seems fairly long lasting too. I’ve been riding quite heavily for around 5-6 weeks and there are no signs of wear. I predict that I’ll get around a year out of use from this, in comparison to about 6 months I used to receive from a Creepy Crawler.

To conclude, I think the Cyko Lite is a great tyre, especially for street and flat riders, due to it’s weight and rounder profile. It’s also a really good tyre for trials, although it’s bounce isn’t quite up to that of the much heavier Monty. If you’re looking for a new tyre, this is definitely worth a shot, especially at only £24, it’s hard to go wrong!

-Simon Berry | Voodoo Unicycles


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