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European Penny Farthing Championship - Brugge


The Championships were held in Brugge this year and the main event attracted over 40 competitors from Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic and a large team from the UK.  The racing was to fierce this year with a group of 5 jostling for the lead from the start.  There was a final ferocious final sprint for the line giving a final result of:

1st Gerald Minich (also current world champion)
2nd Richard Thorday (the UK champion)
3rd Arie Leifhebber (NL)
The winner of the women's price was Andrea Missbachova.


The event including a Penny stack that broke the Belgium record.

2015-09-19 12.39.13-1500 2015-09-19 12.39.33-1500 2015-09-19 17.37.56-1500 2015-09-19 12.40.31-1500 2015-09-19 12.26.33-1500

The event was not only a racing event, but was a great social event.   The riders joined in a historic ride with the local club and tested the local beers.

IMG_3649-1500 2015-09-19 12.58.19-1500 2015-09-19 17.02.28-1500

The journey to and from the UK was also fun with a combination of good weather and beautiful cycle paths.


IMG_3650-1500 2015-09-20 14.59.24-1500 IMG_3647-1500


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