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Cameron Peacock's Easter Holidays

Here is Cameron’s riding adventures over the Easter holidays:

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My first ride over the Easter bank holidays was in Edinburgh. While I was here I was able to meet up with Jason Auld, a fellow sponsored rider. We rode at Usher Hall, Bristo Square (University), the Dynamic Earth and the Scottish Parliament Buildings. I also rode at Calton Hill which looks over Edinburgh City, Leith (The Firth of Forth) and Arthurs Seat.

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In Edinburgh I got 2 standing Ovations. One for hopping down 30 steps, and the tourists watched and filmed this, and the 2nd on the Royal Mile. Also a street entertainer said he would give me £5 if I rode my unicycle around his stage for his audience. Funny thing was he told me I didn't have to go to school anymore and he would see me in 10yrs performing.

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Jason, Iain & I all enjoyed our trials day but it had a cost, I broke one of my pedals, Jason Broke his frame and Iain buckled his wheel. Oh well the joys of Unicycling. Best and most fun part was playing in the pond.

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My other rides were at the seaside. First stop was in Scarborough but I really didn’t get to ride much, as everywhere was very busy. Next stops were Robin Hoods bay and Whitby, on the way home from Scarborough.

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At Robins Hoods bay there was plenty of benches and other obstacles to do some trials riding on. Then when I was bored we moved onto Whitby. At Whitby I attempted to hop down the 199 steps, without stopping or failing. Unfortunately I came off twice, and had to stop once for people walking up the steps to the Abbey. I will definitely attempt the steps again later in the year.

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By this time I was shattered so we had a walk around Whitby. I did some more riding near the pier, where I landed my 1st 360 foot plant which got on video. I was very pleased with this. Finally a slow ride back to the car brought loads of people to a halt on the quayside as I was doing some tricks on the way.

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Also whilst at Scarborough I got my Nickname (Cambo) on the back of my other white UDC top, and got a Cap made up with my local unicycle club (JUST ) logo on and Cambo.

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