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UDC Penny Farthing Mk5

UDC Mk5 Penny Farthing

The new Mk5 UDC Penny Farthing will be available from October 2023, this is 6 months earlier than we had expected.  It's arrival is much anticipated.

We will have all the sizes from 48" up to 54" coming in to stock.  These will include several enhancements over the Mk4.  These include:

  1. Changed frame geomentary to give a larger range for fork angle adjustment and better saddle position
  2. New stiffer front forks (not that the Mk4 were not stiff, this just takes them to a new level).
  3. New saddle
  4. Enhanced grip and safety with the new rear pegs.  These not only have the penny stop on them but also come with grip tape on the top surface.

Unfortately we can not take pre-order for these but you can enroll to get notication on the MK4 products on the site.


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