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New Unicycle saddles are coming...

The future is almost here...

Four years ago we set about to design a new saddle for unicycles. The project criteria were harsh. We wanted a saddle that was less curved than a standard saddle... but not flat. It needed to use all our existing hardware. It also needed to be stiff while still being light.

Well... these will be ready and on sale for UNICON!

The saddles are split over the Unicycle.com, Nimbus and Impact ranges of saddles. The material, foam and handle configurations change over each of the saddles but the core base is the same.  Although all the bases will be made from glass filled nylon, some will be nylon 6 and others nylon 6.6.


Compared to the existing curve of unicycle saddle bases you can see that the curve more matches the curve that riders have wanted for years.


The saddle has a smooth underside and pockets at the rear to give your fingers more clearance when gripping.


We have 10 identical M5 snap fitting Bolt inserts. Once fitted to the saddle are permanent and can not be removed.  All the accessories use standard M5 button head allen bolts.


We have developed 2 new handles. A shorter handle without a hole that is ideal for freestyle, trials, street/ flatland and a longer one with a large hole for Muni and road. We have removed the raised area between the grip and the bolts.  This means that the hand can grip from the front or side.


Rigidity and strength from the testing appears to show that even the Nylon 6 model is tougher than any of the current models.  It's weight is also impressive at 650 grams, this is 180 grams lighter than the KH Fusion saddle.


For those riders who are just super hard on their saddles we have designed an external aluminium reinforcement plate that can be retro fitted.


For those wondering about testing... they ride fantastically!


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