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Mountain Unicycling Video by Thierry Bouché

Thierry Bouche has released his video Mountain Unicycling.  He is one of the pioneers of Mountain Unicycling and the video shows the progression and development of the sport from 1996 onwards in France.

The video goes from Unicon 8 to Unicon 16 / De Unicon 8 à Unicon 16 / History of the first conventions of Muni in France / Histoire des 1ers rassemblements de monocycle tout-terrain en France /Summary of the 5 events of the Moucherotte-Grenoble / Résumé des 5 éditions de la Moucherotte -- Grenoble
3rd episode of 20 years of practice / 3e épisode d'une rétrospective de 20 années de MTT.


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