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Bambooni Winning solutions

Bambooni Winning solutions

The winning designs have been announced for Bambooni design competition.  We have been supporting this venture from the beginning and even contributed to the judging panel.  You can read about the winning designs here.

Remember this challenge we created to see if we could create a Bamboo Unicycle?

It started a bit over 6 months ago with the presentation of the brief.  There has been a lot of discussion in the unicycle community about these designs.

We didn't really know if it would be possible, or even if someone would dare share it in Open Source.

The final designs showed great innovation and creativity in their solutions.  The judges were split on the top two designs and the final decision was that they should share the top prize.  The winners tackled the project from different direction.  They both presented very impressive critical design justifications for their designs.  Their final designs created one Trials unicycle and one Mountain Unicycle.

The winning designs have been created by David Scott and David Moscoe from Moocow Unicycles.


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