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19" Inferno Trials Unicycle only £200

This weeks Deal Of The Week is the Awesome 19" Inferno TRials Unicycle.  For one week only this fantatsic Trials Unicycle for only £200. Thats a saving of £60, but only until the 1st November.

A durable trials unicycle with its 'Cyko-Lite' Tyre and new lighter super strong ISIS CroMo hub, with a Red rim and matching clamp. A fully awesome looking unicycle.


19" Nimbus 'Inferno' Trials Unicycle is a exciting new version of the standard Nimbus Trials featuring a powdercoated black frame with a Inferno Red rim and clamp. The rim is the super strong 'Dominator 2' rim which is a 36 hole 19” x 42mm rim as well as being double walled and has spoke eyelets for extra strength.

It now comes with the amazingly light Nimbus 'Cyko-Lite' Tyre and 125mm 'VCX' ISIS Cranks!

Inferno Unicycle Specification

Saddle: Nimbus 'Flat' Unicycle Saddle
Seatpost: Nimbus 'Aluminium' Seatpost 300mm - (25.4)
Seatpost clamp: Nimbus 'Aluminium' Seatpost Clamp - Red 28.6mm
Frame: 20" Nimbus II Unicycle Frame - Black 42mm
Wheel-size: 19”
Tyre: Nimbus 'Cyko-Lite' Tyre - 19 x 2.5"
Rim: Nimbus 'Dominator 2' Rim in Inferno Red Powder Coat
Spokes: Stainless steel 14G.
Hub: Nimbus ISIS Hub, Black
Cranks: Nimbus 'VCX' ISIS Cranks - 125mm
Pedals: Nimbus 'Studded' Pedals - Black

Weight: 5.68kg

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:
Standard seatpost: Minimum - 74cm (29.1"), Maximum - 84cm (33.1")
Cutdown seatpost: Minimum - 64cm (25.2")
These sizes are measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes


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