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Unicycle.com 240mile charity ride

Roger from the Unicylce.com office in the UK will be doing a 240 mile ride this weekend with his friend Mark Beaumont.  The ride is to raise £80,000 for the STV Children's Appeal by riding the equivalent of around the world in only one day!

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118km Charity Ride - Great Glen Way

Two students Gemma Shaw and Iona Copley are riding their unicycles 118km along the Great Glen Way -  Fort William to Inverness.

This epic journey is all to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Research UK as they both lost family members due to cancer in 2016.

Please do visit their Just Giving Page to read more about their ride and donate to this great charity.

Bobbie Rides 100Km for RNLI

As you may remember from a few weeks back we were contacted by 11yr old Bobbie (Based in Blackpool) who told us that she was going to be doing a 100km ride to raise money for the local RNLI Station (see post here)

Bobbie and Ross Atkins started at 9am on Saturday 23rd August doing the first 12km in the pouring rain after which they both looked like drowned rats. They carried on through the bad weather and finally dried off by lunchtime. In total it took 8 hours 15 mins to complete the full 100kms and have raised £210 on just giving and have raised several hundred in collection buckets outside the RNLI station, it was also the RNLI open day.

If you would like to make a donation you still can by visiting https://www.justgiving.com/bobbie-unicycle


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Unicyclist Brianna rides over Forth Road Bridge for Charity

Brianna (10) is Ambassador for CLimate Justice number 20,000 for global children iniative "Plant-for the Planet". On June 16th, 10:30am she will unicycle the Forth Road Bridge to raise money to plant trees - one for every meter of the bridge: thats 2,500 trees! Help her to realise her dream and donate on www.betterplace.org/en/projects/13521

You can find out more on the facebook page www.facebook.com/ForthRoadBridgeUnicycleChallenge
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