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JUST 24 Hour Unicycle Endurance Event

This weekend 60 Unicyclists took part in a 24 hour unicycle endurance event in Middlesbrough. The idea was to ride around the track as many times as possible in 24 hours! People really took to the challenge and they collectively rode 4582Km! The equivalent distance to riding across America!


The winner was Aaron Moran who amazingly rode 301km! David Knowles came second with 245km and Ross Atkins came 3rd with 223km. A special mention to Susan Boe for riding 161km and was the first lady. The youngest rider was nearly 3 years old (Grace Devereux) One of the oldest rider (Richard Jeal) rode an amazing 170km. Cameron Peacock won the under 16's riding an impressive 190km.

b13               a16They were raising money for St Teresa's hospice for a unicyclist from their club who sadly lost his life to cancer. They have raised over £1000 so far and this figure is growing every day! I think you will all agree that it was a massive accomplishment and well done to everyone who took part. Great to see so many riders in one place. Everyone came together and the atmosphere was incredible.

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Cameron, Dan and Elliott go riding

Cameron Peacock, Dan Kent and Elliott Bateman were in Stockton for a day's riding to get some photos and to do some filming which lead to a lot of random and painful times. Falling of unis, landing new stuff and unicycle maintenance! Thanks to Jessica Dunn for doing photography.


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Doing a Triathlon using a unicycle

On Sunday, 21st August 2011, I did the Stockon Sprint Triathlon.  This was a 750m river swim, 20k cycle and 5k run.  Of course I chose to do the cycle using my 36" geared unicycle.

I had not announced to the organisers that I would be riding a unicycle, I just rocked up with it and racked it with the 239 other bikes in my race. 

I am not the best of open water swimmers but am competent.  Even with me weaving left and right on the course I came out of the water in 17th place only 1 minute behind the fastest.

The cycle was fun, I definately got the biggest cheer as I went by the large crowd.  I will not say that I beat lots of bikes, I did not, I only over took 8 bikes.  I suffered a lot in the blustery wind and I completed it in a time of 53minutes and in 127th place.  My speeds for the race were interesting; I cruised at just over 20mph and got a top speed of 24.8mph.

I had decided that I was not going to do the run as I had been having hip and knee problems.   Although as I came in to the transition I had my friend Keith shouting at me to hurry up, this was the quick transition as I didn't have to change my shoes.

So I plodded out of the transition area thinking, well I could walk it if I had to.  I then noticed that everyone was going really slow... I jogged along next to a guy for a bit, he then stopped!  So I told him that if I ran, he certainly must do too!  So we plodded on and I got more confident as I got less pain, eventually leaving that guy and turning in a reasonable time in the end and coming in in 57th place.

I eventually finished in 19th place in my catagory and 63rd overall.  Not bad I think for my first Triathlon.
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