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Watch Defect DVD

Released on DVD in 2005, Defect became the most popular full-length unicycle highlight film to date. Building on the street and trials riding , it also introduced the beginnings of flatland unicycling.

Runtime: 40 minutes


Unicon 16 DVD Now available at Unicycle.com

Did you miss out on going to Italy for the 16th Unicycle World Championships?  We can't take you back in time, but we do have this comprehensive DVD that captures the essence of the event.  74 mins of Unicon action to inspire and motivate you, Maybe you'll be at Unicon 17 in 2014

Unicycling is not a crime DVD

At last we have the long awaited DVD "Unicycling is not a crime" in stock.  This DVD has achieved great aclaim and shows how the sport has moved on in the last few years. A must for the Trials and Street riders!

Do you have unicycle skills?

If not you need our newest DVD that’s just gone up on the site, which is entitled... "Unicycle Skills". It’s a brand new DVD from New Zealand for beginner unicyclists and has now replaced our 'One Wheel No Limit' DVDs in all of the learner packs and with doing this the learner packs are now cheaper!! Plus my picture made it on to the back…

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Defect DVD Trailer

Here is the Trailer for the Defect DVD for sale in the Unicycle DVDs. There is some amazing skill on display from extreme trials to some extremely impressive freestyle, take a watch and then you might want the complete DVD.

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