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Fitting brakes to Unicycles

You basically have two main options, Disc Brake or a Hydraulic rim brake (Magura)

For a rim Brake you will need a frame with Magura mounts welded to the frame (Alot of Muni frames already have these) they will look like this

MaguraTabsIf the frame has these mounts then all you need to do is get a Magura brake, some Magura clamps and a brake lever mount and you have everything you need. Here at Unicycle.com UK we have a Starter brake kit which contains all you need to get riding with a brake.


For a Disc brake setup there are two paths you can take, Internal or external.


For this option you will need a Disc Hub* (such as the Nimbus Oracle Disc Hub), Nimbus D’brake (if your frame does not have a disc brake tab), Brake lever mount and a Disc brake.

*we offer a wheel building service

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For this option you will need a pair of disc compatible cranks (such as the Kris Holm Dual hole Spirit Cranks), Nimbus D’Brake (if your frame does not have a disc brake tab, a few washers may be required), Brake lever mount and a Disc brake.

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Are you wanting a 36" Nimbus Oracle?


Are you wanting to get yourself a proper 36" Unicycle and the Nimbus Oracle is just that bit too expensive for your budget? Well we now offer the 36" Nimbus Oracle without the disc brake, which dramatically reduces the price. Plus it is still easily upgradable later on to fit a disc brake. This makes a perfect Intermediate 36” Unicycle.
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