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Spoke Cutting and Threading Service (14 Gauge)

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Service for cutting to length and rolling the thread on 14g spokes. We can cut and thread spokes up to 600mm long!

Spokes need to be purchased separately.


We will take your newly bought Penny Farthing spoke blanks or any 14g spoke 12mm longer than your wanted size.  We will then cut and roll a precision thread on them to the size you specify.

Price per spoke cutting - ie for 64 spokes, you need to put in 64 Spoke Cutting and Threading Service. (Spokes need to be purchased separately.)

Specify what length of spoke you are requiring (be sure to indicated which spokes need cutting down if you are ordering multiple spokes).  Spokes are measured from the inside of the bend to the end in Millimeters (mm).

Due to time constraints we are only able to cut and thread up to 100 spokes per customer.

Please allow up to 10 days for delivery, although we can normally turn around orders in 2 working days.  All custom cut spokes that are ordered are 'non-refundable'.

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