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36" Hoppley Penny Farthing - Black

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This fantastic mini 36" penny farthing is a massive hit with kids and adults alike.


Looking for a beginner Penny Farthing? This fantastic 36" Penny Farthing is a great size for kids and adults who just want a fun Penny Farthing at a great price! Just a stepping stone for the really big Penny Farthings! It combines vintage styling with modern technology. The pneumatic 36” front tyre and 8” plastic rear wheel provide a comfortable ride in nostalgic style. Has a small step on the rear of the frame to help mounting.

Having the correct geometry makes it better to ride than the vast majority of other small Penny Farthings.

Saddle: Penny Farthing sprung saddle - brown
Frame: 36" reinforced steel frame - Black
Wheel-size: 36" pneumatic front, 8" solid back
Front Spokes: 36x Stainless Steel 14G.
Front Tyre: 36" Nimbus Nightrider Tyre (36" x 2.25")
Front Rim: Aluminium Rim with 36 Spoke Holes (black)
Rear Wheel: 8" reinforced plastic wheel with solid tyre and sealed bearings
Hub: UDC Cotterless Hub - 36 Hole
Cranks: Steel Standard Cotterless Cranks - Black 127mm
Pedals: Round Plastic Pedals - Black
Handlebars: Chrome with Black Grips

Weight: 11.7kg

Recommended leg length sizes for cycle:

Minimum - 69cm (27.1")
These sizes are measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes

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Wheel Size
36" - ISO787
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