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Penny Farthing Brake kit

Rear brake kit for UDC Penny Farthings.

Penny Farthing Brake kit that will fit on any of the UDC Penny Farthings (some drilling will be required).

This kit contains all the parts that you will need to fit a rear brake to your UDC Penny Farthing.

The kit includes a Diatech Left hand brake lever, which has a wider diameter clamp so it will fit on the thicker bars that our Penny Farthings have.

A long length of outer brake cable is supplied with two cable ends to keep it all nice and tidy. The Inner cable supplied is a tandem brake cable, so it is plenty long enough for even the largest Penny Farthings.

The internal routing on the Mk3 frames makes for a nice tidy cable installation, but getting the cable through can be fiddly so allow time for this and maybe get a friend to help.

On the mk3 UDC Penny Farthings you may need to increase the size of the hole on the rear of the forks to allow for the caliper bolt to fit correctly. We use a step drill to make it the desired size, or a good 8mm drill bit will do do the job.

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