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Kris Holm T-bar Universal Handle

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Kris Holm T-bar Universal Handle helps riders wanting an extended handle for their saddle. Suitable for road of Muni use.


The Kris Holm T-bar Universal Handle is designed to fit on to most saddle bases. The handle is supplied in kit form with various configuration options included. The handle can be fitted with either a straight or bend handle extension at a position to suit the rider’s style and preference.


  • Narrow profile to not interfere with legs while riding.
  • Adjustable up to 30cm (straight Muni bar) or 40cm (bent Road bar).
  • Handle bar width tailored to discipline 12cm for Muni, 15cm for Road.
  • Bar-Ends (adjustable in the angle, according to your preference and usage).
  • A brake lever can be positioned between the bar ends or along the handle shaft.
  • May be installed either with or without the original plastic saddle handle.
  • Supplied with reinforcement plate suitable for the KH Fusion, Qu-Ax Eleven or KH Fusion-One saddles.
  • Compatible with the Nimbus saddles but for the modern Nimbus and Impact saddles you are recommended to install with the Impact Saddle Reinforcement Plate (not supplied).
  • Compatible with the Nimbus Shadow T-handles (these are longer and stronger than the ones supplied in the kit).

Find helpful setup information in the Fusion Comfort Guide.
Find the assembly instructions here.

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