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16" Leaf Learner Unicycle

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Riding a unicycle is not only fun to learn, but it also helps increase your level of coordination, concentration, balance and fitness! The Leaf Learner Unicycle is the perfect place to start learning.


The 16” Leaf Unicycle is the perfect beginner / learner / starter unicycle for 5-9 year olds, in a range of colours (Blue, Green, Red or Yellow). Please make sure to check the length guide below, to make sure your getting the right size.

What makes this unicycle so great?

  • It comes with a children’s sized saddle
  • Strong plastic pedals
  • Robust cranks at the optimal length for learning
  • High quality 16” tyre
  • Comes with Required Tool, but you will need a bicycle pump.

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:
Standard seatpost: Minimum - 60cm (23.4"), Maximum - 73cm (28.5")
Cutdown seatpost: Minimum - 56cm (22")
Click here to see how to measure

Saddle: Standard Leaf Saddle - Black with coloured handle & bumper
Seatpost: Chrome Heavy Duty Seatpost - 250mm (25.4)
Seatpost Clamp: Quick Release Seatpost Clamp - Silver (28.6mm)
Frame: 16" Steel frame with split bearing housings - 40mm
Wheel-size: 16"
Tyre: Indoor/street tyre with Schrader valve
Rim: 16" steel rim
Spokes: 28 spokes
Hub: Standard Unicycle Cotterless Hub
Cranks: Steel Cotterless Unicycle Cranks - Chrome (114mm)
Pedals: Robust Plastic pedals (9/16)

Weight: 4.1kg

More Information
Unicycle Brand
Unicycle Type
Wheel Size
16" - ISO305
Rim Width
Crank Length
Crank Type
Number of Spokes
36 Hole
Bearing Size
Bearing Spacing
Frame Length
Pedal Colour
Seatpost Type
Standard - Steel
Seatpost Diameter
Seatpost Length
Seatpost Clamp Colour
Seatpost Clamp Size
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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What does "Cut-Down" mean?

    What does "Cut-Down" mean?

    Beacuse a unicycle saddle is directly above the tyre, when it is pushed down the seatpost will hit the tyre. So the cut down measurement you see on our unicycles is the lowest the saddle can go with the seatpost cut...
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  • How do I return an item?

    Cooling off period

    Should you wish to return an item, for either a refund or an exchange, we offer a 28-day cooling off period on purchases. We understand this might be too short during the Christmas period, so it’s extended from Novem...
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  • Leaf Unicycle Instructions

    Please select your Unicycle from the list below.

    All our instructions are PDF based, you will need a PDF viewer to use the links below. We recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free, trusted global standard for viewing PDFs. You can downlo...
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