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20" Nimbus Equinox-Pro Unicycle 2022 - Black


The Equinox-Pro 2022 is the ultimate freestyle unicycle that is both lightweight and strong featuring a 100mm hub and wide rim. This 2022 Version comes with the latest Equinox frame see details and video below for more details. It is the big brother to the Eclipse-Pro. If you love riding freestyle but you want everything a little bit wider and bigger, this is the unicycle for you.

The Unicycle is sold tailored to your requirements, use our Frame Calculator to find out your frame length.

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The Equinox-Pro 2022 is the ultimate freestyle unicycle that is both lightweight and strong. It is beautifully smooth to ride and perfect for that winning Freestyle routine. The Equinox frame, unlike the slimmer Eclipse will fit the standard 100mm ISIS hubs.

The Equinox-Pro 2022 features a newly designed frame that has oversized tubing (34.9mm) for optimum rigidity and strength. This frame will also take a larger range of tyre sizes (see video and frame clearance info below for more details).

These Unicycles are sold tailored to fit you. Use this calculator to work out the exact frame length you’re going to need. A video explaining how to get the right fit can be found at the bottom of this page.

Saddle: Nimbus Unicycle Saddle - Black
Seatpost: Nimbus Aluminium Seatpost 300mm - (30.8)
Seatpost Clamp: Nimbus Seatpost Clamp - Silver (34.9mm)
Frame: 20" Nimbus Equinox-Pro 2022 Aluminium Frame - Black (42mm)
Wheel-size: 20"
Tyre: Duro X-performer 20" x 1.95" Tyre - Black
Rim:  20" Nimbus 'Dominator2' Rim - Black
Spokes: 36 Spokes
Hub: Nimbus ISIS Alu Hub - 36 Hole (100mm) - Silver
Cranks: Nimbus VCX ISIS Cranks - 89mm (Silver)
Pedals: Nimbus Plastic Pedals - Black

Frame clearance: 268mm from centre of wheel to bottom of crown.
Freestyle - recommended 20" x 1.95" to 20" x 2.215" tyres
Trials - recommended max 19" x 2.6"
Streel/Flatland - recommended max 20" x 2.4"

Weight: 4.70kg (Frame Length - 765mm)
For reference a Unicycle with the same specification but with a "Frame Length" of 630mm from the Frame Calculator weighs only 3.9kg.


More Information
Nimbus Unicycles
Unicycle Brand
Unicycle Type
Wheel Size
20" - ISO406
Rim Width
Frame Colour
Crank Length
Crank Type
Number of Spokes
36 Hole
Bearing Size
Bearing Spacing
Rim Colour
Pedal Colour
Seatpost Type
Standard - Aluminium
Seatpost Diameter
Seatpost Length
Seatpost Clamp Colour
Seatpost Clamp Size
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    What does "Cut-Down" mean?

    Beacuse a unicycle saddle is directly above the tyre, when it is pushed down the seatpost will hit the tyre. So the cut down measurement you see on our unicycles is the lowest the saddle can go with the seatpost cut...
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  • What is unicycle hockey?

    Playing Unicycle Hockey is an excellent way to improve basic unicycling skills. It helps with speed and manoeuvrability and leads to more instinctive control of the unicycle. The game is based on Ice Hockey but with a lot less contact.


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