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Q-Axle Splined Cranks - 89mm (Black)


Extra solid cranks for the Q-Axle system made of high-strength 7050 aluminum with steel inserts.


These cranks from Qu-Ax are designed specifically for their Q-Axle hub.

The Q-Axle crank system has a 24mm axle, the axle is drilled hollow, making it lighter. In addition, the drive unit is stiffer in this way. With the Q-Axle system, the cranks are no longer positioned on a conical axis via the fastening screw (as with ISIS). Instead, you position the crank over the golden aluminum cap and clamp it with the clamping screws precisely at a position. The connection does not wear out and the crank position is constant.

The ZeroQ-Axle series is made for riders who really get down to business. With 7050 aluminum, a steel thread insert and the proven ZeroQ design, nothing should stand in the way.

  • Crankset for Q-Axle
  • 7050 aluminum
  • black anodized
  • Thread insert for maximum stability
  • 89 mm in length
  • 396g (pair)

These cranks will not fit on ISIS hubs, they will only fit on the Qu-Ax Q-Axle hub

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