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Impact Groovy ISIS Cranks - 130mm (Black)


A massive jump forward in the world of Unicycle cranks...

The Impact Groovy cranks are made from a single piece of machined aluminium to get the perfect round profile, without any joins or sharp edges. The Groovy cranks are the first cranks to have an integrated Rolling disc, which is part of the cranks design not added on top of the crank. When doing crank related tricks this design helps massively as there is nothing to snag or trap your feet.

Length: 130mm
Material: 7075 Aluminium
Finish: Hard Anodizing (Black)
Weight: 435g (including Rolling Discs)

Supplied with long M12 bolts.

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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What is the red liquid supplied with some cranks?

    This is grease.

    It's primary use is to put on the splines. ISIS is a tapered spline. This means to that to lock it in place it needs to be forced up a spline to the lock surface. The correct distance from the point where the crank is placed on ...
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  • Different types of cranks

    Cotterless interface


    This is the standard crank that comes on most modern unicycles. The hub axle has tapered ends with a sq...
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  • How to change cranks

    Here are some instructions how to change cranks over on your unicycle. There are four types of cranks commonly found on unicycles: cotterless, ISIS, splined and cotter-pinned.

    Cotterless Cranks

    This is the standard crank that comes on...
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  • Impact Unicycles Manufacturers Page

    Impact Unicycles is the best manufacturer in the world for trials and flatland unicycles. Although the brand was started in 2009 by the famous French rider Yogi. It is now wholly owned by Unicycle.com. Designed by unicyclists, ridden by world champions...
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