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Schlumpf Geared Unicycle Hub -36 Hole - 125mm


Schlumpf Geared Unicycle Hub with 36 Hole flanges and 125mm bearing pitch. Comes with 180mm internal disc rotor and no freewheel

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The new for 2022 Schlumpf geared unicycle hub with a 125mm bearing pitch for a stronger wheel.

So what is a Schlumpf Geared Unicycle hub?

As standard unicycles have what we call direct drive, so that is a gear ratio of 1:1. So for every 1 revolution of the pedals, the wheel does 1 complete turn. This hub has a gear inside which means for every 1 pedal revolution the wheel will have rotated 1.5 times. Because of this gearing the rider can travel faster without having to pedal faster, thus maintaining a higher speed and helping to travel further with less fatigue. This means: a 24" is like a 36", a 29" will run like a 44" and a 36" like a 54"! You change gear by knocking a shift botton located where your crank bolts are, this is done with the inside of your heel when the crank is pointing forward (it takes a bit of practice to get this smooth).

The new hub is available in 2 bearing widths so it will now fit a wider range of unicycles, including but not limited to, Kris Holm 100mm and Nimbus (32”, 36” & Hatchet) 125mm.  

This latest hub has a couple of great new features. The first feature of the new hub is that it is disc brake ready. The disc rotor mounts directly to the outer hub body, so rather than having to mount the rotor to the cranks (external of the frame, like on the older version) it is now inside the frame. With the rotor now being mounted to the hub outer shell the brake forces don’t go through the hubs gear box. This removes the risk of damage being caused by braking forces going through the gear mechanism. Due to the size of the hub casing, you will need to get the Schlumpf specific disc rotor (select size in the drop down).  Standard bike disc rotor will NOT fit.

Hub Specification

  • Axle System: ISIS
  • Colour: Black
  • Diameter Axle: 22mm
  • Bearing width: 12mm
  • Bearing Diameter outside: 42mm
  • Bearing Diameter inside: 22mm
  • Gear Ratios: 1:1 and 1:1.5
  • Crank bolts: M12 incl. hole for the shifting shaft (6mm Allen key)
  • All hubs are supplied with 8mm drill jig for anti-twist frame hole.
  • For spoke lengths please check our spoke calculator.

Schlumpf Geared Unicycle Hub (125mm - 36 Hole)

  • Bearing pitch: 125mm (center - center)
  • Spoke holes: 36
  • Weight: 1750g (incl. bolts/Shift Button)

Which frames will this fit

This hub is specifically designed to fit on frames with 125mm bearing pitch.  These are: Nimbus oracle 32", Nimbus Oracle 36", Nimbus Nightfox, Trainer 32", Trainer 36" and Nimbus Hatchet 26", 27.5" and 32"

Almost all models will require some removal of some material from the bearing housings and a locking hole drilling, if you are not unsure about this please contact before purchase. 

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