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Kris Holm Boundary Splined Cranks

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Cranks to fit the latest generation of the Kris Holm unicycles using a spline hub and internal disc.

Boundary cranks are the latest development from Kris Holm to produce the highest possible strength to weight ratio and pedal performance in a unicycle crank.


The Boundary cranks are the latest offering from Kris Holm. These now have a splined crank/hub interface, this means they will only fit the Boundary Hub and the Qu-Ax Q-Axle hubs. Constructed from tough, stiff 7050 alloy for all types of riding, Boundary Cranks use the Q-Axle micro-spline standard for maximum strength and stiffness.  The Q-axle micro spine is parallel (not tapered) and secures with pinch-bolts on the crank.  This makes it easy to install and remove, without the wear and tear of a tapered spline interface.   Boundary cranks are angled outwards by 8 mm (Q-factor), which maintains a slim profile with just enough clearance to avoid bruised ankle bones.  For geared, KH/Schlumpf hub riders, the crank shape is configured to enable easy shifting and avoid accidental shifts. The Boundary crank comes with two pedal hole options to suit different riding conditions and rider preferences. Compatible with Q-Axle hubs including the Kris Holm Boundary hub. 

Material: Forged 7050 aluminium

Note: These cranks will not fit on ISIS hubs or KH/Onza Splined hubs, they will only fit on the Kris Holm Boundary & Qu-Ax Q-Axle hub. Sold in Pairs

Available in the following lengths

KH Boundary 110/127mm (373g)
KH Boundary 117/137mm (414g)
KH Boundary 127/150mm (444g)

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