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Although unicycling can not be called a mass sport.  The internet has brought them together and there is a large network of unicyclists all around the world. Here are some useful links to help you find other riders out there out there.

  • - Unicyclist community forum with a vast amount of information on it.
  • International Unicycling Federation - information about competitions or events around the world, along with rules and regulations.
  • UUU (The Union of UK Unicyclists) - the UK unicycle organisation, this includes information about events in the UK
  • Open Unicycle map - this is a community project to help link together all the unicyclists and clubs around the world
  • Open Unicycle calendar - An amazingly complete calendar of international events split by disapline
  • Circus Development network - a networking resource for contemporary and traditional circus.
  • Circomedia - One of the two main circus schools in the UK.
  • Circus Space - Internationally famous London based circus school.
  • Facebook - there are lots of groups on Facebook that you can interact with, if you search for "unicycle chat" you will find these.
  • Twitter - common #tags on twitter are #unicycle, #unicyclelife, #impactunicycles, #nimbusunicycles & #unicycledotcom
  • Instagram - common #tags on twitter are #unicycle, #unicyclelife, #impactunicycles, #nimbusunicycles & #unicycledotcom
  • League of Ordinary Riders (Penny Farthing) - a facebook group where the pennyfarthing riders hang out.

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