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BrakeFast Tab Kit


As shown in the pictures, the tab kit is for welding a calliper mounting IS compliant tab on to your frame.


The Brakefast Tab Kit is to help you adapt your aluminium frame to have an IS compliant mount.  Supplied in the kit is an IS mount tab and a jig plate that can be bolted on to a D'Brake mount (not supplied) to give accurate alignment for the brake calliper when welding in place.

Does not come with D'brake mount and is to help with DIY welding of your frame.

The "BrakeFast" project was an open source design project lead by Martin Charrier and Roger Davies to design an adaptor to the hub that allows a brake to operate on the rim side of the gearbox and be internal to the frame. For more background on the project see here.

Delivery typically 21 days

Material: 6085 T6
Weight: 25g

Disclaimer: Although this part has had extensive testing within the unicycle community with experienced riders. We can not guarantee that it's use will not damage your hub or other parts of your frame. As with all gearbox products it's use is for experienced riders and should not be considered for beginner or even intermediate ability riders. It's use is at your own risk and we can not accept any liability for the damage it may cause. If you are not sure, call and discuss.

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