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BrakeFast Schlumpf Brake Adaptor

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The "Brakefast" adaptor for the Schlumpf geared unicycle hub. This adaptor fits on to the left-hand hub flange and gives the Schlumpf hub an internal disc fitting.


The Schlumpf hub has always had a problem with the disc fitting on the KH moment/spirit cranks as it transferred the braking action through the gear mechanism so reducing it's life. It also had additional installation problems.

The "BrakeFast" project was an open source design project lead by Martin Charrier and Roger Davies to design an adaptor to the hub that allows a brake to operate on the rim side of the gearbox and be internal to the frame. For more background on the project see here.

The adaptors are available with several options:

1. BrakeFast36_92 - A brake adaptor flange for M series Schlumpf Hubs serial 0 to 399, with 36 hole rims.

2. BrakeFast36_91 - A brake adaptor flange for M series Schlumpf Hubs serial 400 to 999, with 36 hole rims.

3. BrakeFast32 - A brake adaptor with a 36 to 32 hole converter system for all M series Schlumpf Hubs. The brake adaptor not only lets you mount a disc rotor, it also coverts the 36 hole flange into a 32 hole flange. This kit also comes with a 36 to 32 hole adaptor flange for right-hand side. This opens the door to a lot of 32 hole rims, like the 36” Braus Carbon Fibre Rim.

In addition to these we are selling seconds of the Brakefast36.  These have been manufactured with the disc mount directly behind the spokes holes.  This means that the wheel must be built with 6 spokes that have an L joint instead of the normal spoke knuckle.  The L is then bent up to secure the spoke.  This has been tested, call to discuss.  This offers a cheaper solution.

4. BrakeFast36_92-SEC - Seconds version of the BrakeFast36_92.

5. BrakeFast36_91-SEC - Seconds version of the BrakeFast36_91.

The adaptors are designed to work with Shimano 203mm rotor (Shimano RT86 XT or Shimano RT-MT800). The disc will need to be removed from it's spider with a drill or grinder. Disc is not supplied.

All the kits are supplied with stainless steel torx bolts for assembly of the adaptor to the hub and the disc to the adaptor.

As the disc is installed on the left hand side of the hub (as is standard in the cycle industry) then the KH frame disc tab will not work. You must either self-install a new tab or use the d'brake adaptor to support the brake calliper. 

BrakeFast Tab Kit (£16 extra) as shown in the pictures, the tab kit is for welding a calliper mounting tab on to your frame. This does not include a d'brake adaptor but is needed to locate the tab correctly.


BrakeFast36 = 121g
BrakeFast32 = 152.4g

Silver or Black


Disclaimer: Although this part has had extensive testing within the unicycle community with experienced riders. We can not guarantee that it's use will not damage your hub or other parts of your frame. As with all gearbox products it's use is for experienced riders and should not be considered for beginner or even intermediate ability riders. It's use is at your own risk and we can not accept any liability for the damage it may cause. If you are not sure, call and discuss.

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