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Different styles of Unicycling?

3065 views  March 14, 2019

There are lots of different styles of unicycles because there are lots of different things you can do on a unicycle. When deciding which unicycle is suitable for you it is worth deciding what sort of riding you plan to use the unicycle for. Here are some of the main styles.

We use this term to describe those unicycles that we feel most suitable for someone who is learning. These are generally the same as the freestyle unicycles but of a less specialist nature. To help people when they are buying their first unicycle we have produced learner kits that contain the most commonly bought items when learning to unicycle. For children we recommend the Hoppley Unicycle, which is available in 12”, 16” & 20” wheel sizes. The Hoppley is not suitable for Adults as it has to small a saddle and is not built for the additional weight. For Adults we recommend either the Trainer or the Club Unicycles. These have larger saddles and are built stronger so they can handle the weight of an Adult. None of these unicycles are suitable for jumping or more demanding use, If you are wanting a stronger unicycle for jumping have a look at a Trials unicycle.

This is a term used to describe the unicycle competition where music, movement and high skill level are mixed. The most common size for freestyle is a 20" wheel. Freestyle unicycles have slick tyres to help with tricks. At Unicycle.com we also use the term 'freestyle' to describe the basic ranges of unicycles that are suitable for majority of tricks and games, like unicycle hockey or basketball.

Trials riding is a style which involves jumping over obstacles such as picnic benches, up stairs or along railings. Trials Unicycles have special 19" rims and massive 2.5" wide tyres to help absorb the impact from landing and for greater stability. Trials Unicycles are available with ISIS hub/cranks or cotterless hub/cranks. ISIS hubs being much stronger.

It would not be sensible to use a 20"unicycle to commute to work or school, but there are unicycles suitable for this, these we refer to as road unicycles. They generally have larger wheels and proportionally shorter cranks. 36” wheel sized Unicycles are capably for speeds exceeding 20mph but can cruise along comfortably between 12-15mph. Smaller wheel sizes will generally move a bit slower, but this can be altered by choosing different length cranks. Road Unicycles can also be used on Bridleways and smoother forest tracks when a fitted with an off-road tyre. The addition of a Schlumpf geared unicycle hub can increase the speed of a smaller wheel to that of a larger wheel. These larger wheeled unicycles are suitable for riders who are just starting out.

This is the commonly known abbreviation among unicyclists for Mountain Unicycling. Muni was originally used by Pashley for their range of off-road unicycles but is now used to mean any off-road unicycle. Off-road unicycles must be very strong and generally have wide knobbly tyres and can be fitted with a brake. The wheel size can vary with 24" and 26” for technical Muni and jumping, and 27.5” and 29" for covering greater distances. Unicycles with splined & ISIS hubs and cranks are much stronger than cotter-less.

5' - 7' Nimbus Performer Giraffe - Chrome

A giraffe is a tall unicycle or to be exact is a unicycle which is driven with a chain, It can also be driven with multiple wheels stacked on top of each other, usually referred to as 2 or 3-wheelers.  this needs to be said because there is no way you could call the fleet mini giraffe a tall unicycle at only 18"above the ground! Giraffes are relatively easy to ride after you have managed to get up there and overcome the fear of being so high. This being said, they are not for the beginner because falls can cause injuries.

Nimbus 24

Ultimate Wheels
These are like a unicycle with the saddle and frame missing, just a wheel with pedals attached. Quite challenging to ride, though the bigger the wheel the easier they are to ride as you can pedal more slowly.

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