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Duro Crux 29" x 3.25" Tyre

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High volume aggresive Duro Crux 29 x 3.25" Off-road tyre

The Duro Crux is a high volume tyre that has big knobs for great traction, a supple sidewall, and huge volume, giving it an incredible ride on all tyres of terrain. The deep and aggressive tread pattern grips well on muddy trails, while the rounded tyre profile gives you a smooth responsive ride on pavement, rock and the dustier trails that we dream of here in the UK.

When fitted on a Nimbus Dominator2 Rim (42mm wide) this tyre is 78mm (+/-1mm) at it's widest point.

This will fit the latest generation Kris Holm 29" frames and the Nimbus Hatchet with a 29" wheel. It will not fit the Nimbus Oracle 29" or the Qu-Ax Q-axle 29".

Size: 29" x 3.25"
Weight: 1.2kg (+/-)
Version: 60tpi

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