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36" Kris Holm Road Unicycle - Blue

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Super quality road and muni 36" unicycle with a light, stiff frame and double-hole cranks.

The KH36 is a top quality unicycle designed for on and off-road riding over longer distances. The large wheel diameter provides stability at high speeds and an external disc brake gives secure stopping power. An abundant use of one-piece forged components ensures high strength and durability.

Most of the world's speed records have been established on a geared KH36, including the current 10 km and 24 km world records held by Kris Holm team rider Scott Wilton. This is the unicycle that can truly replace a bike for road riding.

Saddle: Kris Holm Fusion-One Saddle - Black
Seatpost: Kris Holm Pivotal Seatpost 27.2 x 320mm.
Seatpost clamp: Kris Holm 'Doublebolt' Seatpost Clamp - Black (31.8mm)
Frame: 36" Kris Holm 'Aluminium' Unicycle Frame (Disc brake mount)
Brake: Shimano Deore-level Hydraulic Disc Brake (Europe) with a 180mm Disc Brake Rotor (fitted)
Wheel-size: 36"
Tyre: Qu-Ax King-George 36" x 2.25" Tyre
Rim: Nimbus 'Stealth2' Rim - Black, 36 Hole
Spokes: 14G Stainless Steel with nickel plated brass Nipples
Hub: Kris Holm 'Spirit' ISIS Hub
Cranks: Kris Holm 'Spirit' ISIS Cranks - 127/150mm (Dual Hole, disk brake compatible)
Pedals: Kris Holm 'Studded' Plastic Pedals - Clear

Weight: 7.65kg

Recommended leg length sizes for unicycle:
Standard seatpost: Minimum - 99cm (39"), Maximum - 107cm (42.1")
Cutdown seatpost: Minimum - 85cm (33.5")
These sizes are measured from crotch to floor wearing shoes

Please Note:KH unicycles may have different component specs in different countries. KH36 models shipped to Europe use the Qu-Ax King George tire, and those shipped outside Europe use the Nimbus Nightrider tire. We recommend checking with your local KH supplier to confirm before purchase.

More Information
Kris Holm
Unicycle Brand
Unicycle Type
Wheel Size
36" - ISO787
Rim Width
Frame Colour
Crank Length
Crank Type
Number of Spokes
36 Hole
Bearing Size
Bearing Spacing
Rim Colour
Pedal Colour
Seatpost Type
Pivotal - Aluminium
Seatpost Diameter
Seatpost Clamp Colour
Seatpost Clamp Size
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