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29" QX #rgb MUni Unicycle

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The QX #rgb unicycles are the best Qu-Ax have built in 15 years. Individual, lightweight, durable, technically up to date. The 29″ is a touring Muni with discbrake-support.

The QX #rgb Mountain unicycles are the best Qu-Ax have developped in 15 years of unicycle experience. Individual, light, durable and technically on the latest up-to-date. The 29" is a touring Muni with discbrake-support. The wide tire allows a wide field of use.

RGB stands for "red" "green" "blue" and therefore for the tailor-made unicycle series of QU-AX.

These Unicycles are a special order item so please get in touch if you are wanting one. You can choose to have the following parts in either Black, Green, Blue or red, or a combination of all: Seatpost, Seatpost Clamp, Frame, Rim.

Prices start from £575

Saddle: QX Eleven saddle, designed and refined by Kris Holm
Seatpost: #rgb 7050-aluminum seatpost with octagonal head, fat 31.6 mm diameter, at 350 mm
Seatpost Clamp: Filigree QX series #rgb aluminum clamp (34.9mm)
Frame: QX rgb aluminum Forks (34.9mm)
Wheel-Size: 29"
Tyre:  (29"x3,0") WTB Ranger Fast Rolling
Rim:  #rgb rim, 29" aluminum 45mm width, 545g
Spokes: 36 spokes
Hub: Q-Axle hub - 24 mm axle shaft, aluminum body, steel axle
Cranks: QU-AX Q-Axle cranks, 110/136 mm double hole, anodized grey
Pedals: lightweight, black QX-series plastic pedal

Weight: approx. 5.7kg 

Minimum inseam length: approx. 78 cm (with 136 mm cranks)

More information about the Q-Axle - and its advantages can be found here .

More information and technical details about the #rgb series can be found here .

More Information
Unicycle Brand
Unicycle Type
Wheel Size
29" - ISO622
Rim Width
Crank Length
Crank Type
Number of Spokes
36 Hole
Bearing Size
Bearing Spacing
Pedal Colour
Seatpost Type
Standard - Aluminium
Seatpost Diameter
Seatpost Length
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