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Kris Holm 'Spirit' Rollo Discs


These simple discs bolt on to the KH 'Spirit' ISIS cranks turning the 'Spirit' cranks into superb flatland cranks.

Kris Holm 'Spirit' Rollo Discs

The disc fits snugly between the crank and an extra-long axle bolt (Supplied with). By extending the cranks in this way these discs greatly increase the stability for crankrolls, without having to swap your Spirit cranks for specialised flatland cranks.

Always fit cranks without rollo disc first, then fit rollo disc once the crank is fully seated onto your hub. Installing your cranks with Rollo disc in place may result in damage to the rollo disc its self.

  • Weight 65g 
  • Supplied with Extra long bolts 
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