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Qu-Ax Q-Axle CNC Disc Hub, 32 Hole - Black

Qu-Ax Q-Axle CNC Disc Hub, 32 Hole - Black

Incredibly light unicycle-hub with a hollow 24 mm axle, fully CNC machined, full rim-choice with 32 holes

This hub is made of one piece of 7075 T6 aluminum - 32 holes give you the choice of bicycle and MTB rims

  • ultralight disc-hub for the Q-Axle system, black
  • for long distance and light muni (no drops, jumps, Trial)
  • 24 mm axle diameter
  • 100 mm bearing distance
  • 32 holes - gives you the full bicycle rim-choice - including light and sturdy carbon rims!
  • incl. industrial bearings and specific Q-Axle-positioning screws
  • (w bearings, screws, spacers): incredible 318 g
  • please be aware that this hub is delivered with the grey spacers (for ZeroQ cranks). To mount the grey Q-Axle cranks, please use these spacers.
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