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Nimbus Venture2 Cotterless Cranks

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Nimbus Venture2 Cotterless cranks.

Robust and durable high quality Cotterless cranks.  Upgrade your unicycle with these strong but lightweight cranks. 

Cotterless cranks are often produced as cheaply as possible and consequently are of poor quality; the better cranks are only found on ISIS hubs... here is the exception. 

New design and new strength for the Venture cranks!  These cranks are now produced by a different process and create an excellent balance between weight and strength/toughness.  Although the Venture cranks were good... these are 40% stronger!

Material: 6061 T-6 Aluminium.
Colour: Black.
Weight (pair): 454g (150mm)
Type: Cotterless
Q-Factor: Almost Zero Q-factor - This is the amount a crank bends outwards. Zero means it doesn't lean outwards at all. The straighter the crank the better for speed, the wider the better for ankle clearance and greater maneuverability.

Note: Crank length is measured from the centre of the axle hole to the centre of the pedal hole.

Sold in pairs.

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