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Nimbus Dominator2 Rim

Nimbus Dominator2 Rim

As low as £43.30
Nimbus Dominator2 rim as fitted to the latest Nimbus Unicycles

The legendary Nimbus Dominator rim, has a super strong box section that has a fantastically rigid construction that will build into an ultra-strong wheel. The design incorporates a deep inner section which makes it easy to get the tyre on and off. The bead seating area contains a retaining lip so allowing it to be run at low pressures and withstand side hops without the bead being rolled off its seating area.

Width: 42mm Outside - 33mm Inside
Spoke holes: 36 holes 14G.
Eyelets: Stainless Steel
Material: 6061 heat treated aluminium alloy.

19" Nimbus Dominator2 Rim - (42mm)

Size: 19"
ERD: 356.5mm
Weight: 565g

20" Nimbus Dominator2 Rim - (42mm)

Size: 20"
ERD: 375.5mm
Weight: 618g

24" Nimbus Dominator2 Rim - (42mm)

Size: 24"
ERD: 482.5mm
Weight: 765g

26" Nimbus Dominator2 Rim - (42mm)

Size: 26"
ERD: 534.5mm
Weight: 818g

27" Nimbus Dominator2 Rim - (42mm)

Size: 27"
ERD: 556.0mm
Weight: 904g

29" Nimbus Dominator2 Rim - (42mm)

Size: 29"
ERD: 595mm
Weight: 923g

32" Nimbus Dominator2 Rim - (42mm)

Size: 32"
ERD: 658.0mm
Weight: 1087g

36" Nimbus Dominator2 Rim - (42mm)

Size: 36"
ERD: 764.5mm
Weight: 1133g


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