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Nimbus Blizard Tyre - 19 x 2.5" (White)

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All white 19" trials tyre. Designed to give all out performance while still being permissible in indoor spaces due to its super soft non mark rubber.

With the same tried and tested tread pattern of the Onza sticky fingers and the Nimbus Cyko Lite tyres, this is surely the tyre for any rider looking for a none marking indoors 19" trials tyre. or just for something different to the standard black tyre.

The thick Tyre carcass allow for the tyre to be run at a lower pressure than usual but also less likely to suffer with pinch flats.

Size: 19 x 2.5" (65-387)
Rim Size: Trials 19"
Colour: White
Type: Trials
Pressure: Max 40 PSI
Weight: 1540g

Please note:
This tyre is marked as 20" x 2.50, but it is to fit a 19" rim! The marking on the tyre refers to the outer diameter of the tyre once inflated on a rim.

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