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Kris Holm 40mm ISIS Bearings - Pair

With these bearings you can now fit an ISIS hub (Kris Holm, Nimbus, Onza or Qu-Ax) into a frame designed to fit 40mm bearings.

ISIS hubs normally have 42mm bearings and can only fit in frames with 42mm bearing cups, but if you swap the 42mm bearings to these 40mm bearings the ISIS hubs can then fit into frames with 40mm bearing cups.

Each bearing consists of two smaller sealed cartridge bearings held in a 40mm shim.
Sold in pairs, complete with pair of 6mm spacers.

Designation:  None
Shield Type: 2RS (Double Rubber moisture shield)
Internal Diameter: 22mm
External Diameter: 40mm
Width: 12mm (external lip, inside lip 14mm)

Note: to be fully compatible, frames must also have the same bearing spacing as the available ISIS hubs (e.g.100mm for KH Moment or Nimbus hubs). Will not fit in a frame with pressed bearing housings without some modification to the frame. If you are unsure please get in touch and we will help you.

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