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Unicycle Bearings (Pair) - Q-Axle 42mm


Quality replacement bearings for Qu-Ax Q-Axle Hubs. Double-sided sealed bearings. Sold in pairs.


42mm bearing for Qu-Ax Q-Axle hubs

Shield Type: 2RS (Double Rubber moisture shield)
Internal Diameter: 24mm
External Diameter: 42mm
Width: 12mm

 Sold in Pairs (bearing shield colour varies)

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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • How to change bearings

    Bearings on unicycles generally last a long time; even when you take your unicycle in a fountain, or the sea, or just splashing around in the mud. They do give up in the end though; normally at the worst moment possible. You hear them grinding first, t...
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