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20" Nimbus Equinox Frame - 500mm


Upgrade you unicycle frame for one of these super lightweight Aluminium frames. 

The frame is sold tailored to your requirements, use our Frame Calculator to find out your frame length.

Clamp Size: 30.5mm
Seatpost Size: 25.4mm
Bearing Size: 42mm

This is the big brother of the Eclipse frame.  It has the same unique reinforcement system for the seat tube, so creating one of the stronger aluminium unicycle frames on the market.

* Super light weight construction - 576g
* Frame: Aluminium AL7005 frame
* 42mm bearing
* Reinforced seat tube
* Designed for 25.4 seatposts
* 30.5mm Seat-tube o/d (comes with clamp)
* Low crown to tyre clearance
* 12cm wide ovalised knurled crown - ideal for stand-up tricks
* Polished anodised graphics - wont rub off and look tatty
* Black anodised colour
* Narrow machined bearing housings
* Standard bearing pitch - 100mm

Not only is it designed to fit a full size 20" x 2.125 tyre in the frame it can fit a 19" x 2.5  wheel!  So not only is it suitable for freestyle riding but can be used for Street and Trials use.

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Nimbus Unicycles
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Seatpost Clamp Size
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20" - ISO406
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