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Nimbus d'brake Disc Brake Mount - Black

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The d'brake disc brake mount will enable you to fit a disc brake to any MUni or big wheel frame.

Now comes supplied with an anti-Vibration bar. You just remove your existing left hand bearing clamp and replace it with this beautifully crafted disc brake mount machined from 7075 Aluminium.  The d'brake has been designed to have the disc running on the inside of the frame keeping it well out the way and allowing the rider to use their existing cranks.  The disc itself mounts directly onto a Nimbus Disc hub and then all you need is the disc brake itself and you are ready to go ride.  With it's clever configuration it is designed to fit on almost any frame without machining. 

Supplied with

  • D'brake
  • Anti Vibration bar
  • 1 x extra long caliper bolt
  • 2 x Cable ties (1 x big, 1 x small)

The Nimbus d'brake will also work mounted on the right-hand side of your frame for use with the Kris Holm Spirit cranks

The d'brake uses the IS (International standard, Front) two bolt configuration for cycle disc brakes.  This allows you to run any caliper/disc combination without having to modify the mount in any way.

Note: We do not recommend using Avid Disc brakes as the caliper has been known to rub on the spokes.

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