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26" Nimbus Hatchet Frame - Grey (42mm)

26" Nimbus Hatchet Frame - Grey (42mm) will allow a tyre up to 5 inches. The unique frame geometry pushes the forks of the frame back and away from your legs giving a comfortable ride. A truly awesome frame!

The 26" Nimbus Hatchet Frame is the off spring of the Nimbus Oregon.  With its super wide frame allowing a tyre of up to 5 inches to be fitted for the ultimate go anywhere unicycle. The Hatchet is made from box section aluminium making for a very stiff and responsive frame.  The unique frame geometry pushes the forks of the frame back and away from your legs, giving you a narrower riding stance than you would have if they were in the traditional position.

This frame will hold a tyre up to 26" x 5.05", 27.5" x 4" and 29" x 3.0"

• Durable Grey powdercoated finish
• Machined 42mm bearing housing.
• to fit hubs with 125mm bearing spacing.
• Fits 25.4mm diameter seatpost.
• 31.8mm Seatpost clamp
• Hydraulic brake hose clips.

Weight 1100g (including bearing holders and bolts)

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Nimbus Unicycles
Unicycle Brand
Bearing Size
Bearing Spacing
Seatpost Clamp Size
Wheel Size
26" - ISO559
Seatpost Diameter
Frame Material
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