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19" Impact Unicycle Wheel

A super strong trials and street wheel form Impact Unicycles

The 19" Impact wheelset is the same great wheel as supplied on all 19" impact unicycles (Gravity and Reagent). The wheel comprises of the new profile 47mm wide Impact rim, which is stronger and lighter than the old rim (with the holes in it). The super strong small flanged ISIS hub is laced into the rim by 36 14gauge spokes. The 47mm wide rim gives you fantastic stability and greater tyre volume compared to narrower rims, it also reduces the change of pinch flats.

Rim: 19"
Rim Width: 47mm
ISO Size: 387
Weight: 1.3kg

ISIS Bolts and Spacers included.

More Information
Number of Spokes
36 Hole
Rim Width
Bearing Spacing
Wheel Size
19" - ISO387
Spoke Type
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