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UDC CrMO Cotterless Hub - 48 Hole

Super hard hub specially produced for Unicycle.com with wider flange spacings for a lot stronger wheel. This is probably the strongest cotterless hub you can get for a unicycle, as fitted to some of our adult Trainer unicycles and pre-ISIS Nimbus unicycles.

The wider the flanges are spaced the stronger the wheel, these flanges are placed as wide as they can be without changing the bearing positions. The spoke holes fit 14 gauge spokes but can be drilled out to fit 12 gauge spokes. Will fit most unicycles except Dodgers and Pashleys. If you are not sure contact us before ordering.

Comes with spacers, bearings and a pair of high tensile bolts.

Hub flange width (W) = 71.5mm
Hub flange Diameter  (D) = 56.2mm
Hub hole Diameter (S) = 2.8mm

Information on the spoke length for building a wheel can be found on our Spoke Calculator

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48 Hole
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