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Standard Highwheels Type #1 Tyre

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Standard Highwheels Type #1 Penny Farthing racing tyre.


A special penny farthing PU tyre moulded in one piece. The tyre has a classic look with two straight threads only. The tyre is made 4,5% smaller than the nominal size and are stretched when mounted on the rim.

Width:  20mm
Inner width:  14mm
Height:  15mm
Material: Microcellular Polyurethane (PU)
Hardness: ShoreA60

TYRE 16” Outside diameter (stretched): 430mm (Weight: 290g)
TYRE 48” Outside diameter (stretched): 1230mm (Weight: 880g)   
TYRE 50” Outside diameter (strethced): 1280mm (Weight: 920g)    
TYRE 52” Outside diameter (stretched): 1330mm (Weight: 960g)    
TYRE 54” Outside diameter (stretched): 1380mm (Weight: 1000g)
TYRE 56” Outside diameter (stretched): 1430mm (Weight: 1040g)

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Standard Highwheels
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