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Shimano BL-MT401/BR-MT400 Disc Brake (with Rotor)


The Shimano BL-MT401/BR-MT400 Hydraulic Disc Brake is a great value and dependable brake that provides plenty of power when you need it.

The Shimano BL-MT401 lever with the BR-MT400 caliper is the perfect braking upgrade for your MUni or Road Unicycle. This is a great quality hydraulic brake system at a great price.

  • Dual piston BR-MT400 forged aluminum post mount calipers
  • Intergrated bleed port
  • Uses mineral oil which is non-corrosive, and a lot less hazardous than other oils, (This Brake comes fully bled and ready to fit)
  • Comes with Lever, Caliper, Hose, IS Front Mount, 180mm Rotor and all necessary hardware. 
  • Post mount to IS adaptor ready for 180mm disc
  • 180mm Disc Rotor
  • 2-finger BL-MT401 levers with aluminum master cylinder, tooled reach adjust & anodized aluminum lever

Weight: 300g (Lever, Hose, Caliper & IS Mount).

Here is the Bike Mag Review of this brake - Shimano Improves Entry-Level Components

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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • How to bleed your Shimano brakes

    Should you find that your brake lever is becoming spongy, this often implies that the brake system has air in it.  This is normal in use and can be rectified by bleeding the brakes. Most of the unicycle disk brakes are now shimano models, but the techn...
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  • How to replace your pads on a disc brake

    Your brake pads need replacing relatively frequently. Luckily they are not expensive and it is an easy job to do.

    Remember it is your safely that counts here, do not skimp on this service. Especially if you are predicting doing long down hill s...
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  • How to service your brake calipers

    Over time your brake caliper performance may deteriorate as they get dirty.  You can quite easily service them to bring them back to full performance by  checking, cleaning and lubricating them: 

    The maintenance is critical to the longevity o...
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