Road unicycles vary in size from 26″ to 36″ and are designed to cover a great distance with relative ease.  They are often used as replacements for bikes and are used for commuting,  racing or just pleasure riding.

Nimbus Unicycles even make a 36″ unicycles suitable for children to ride as it has telescope legs – the Nightfox unicycle.  Road unicycles are designed for speed and hence have a high crank ratio which makes them go fast.  This causes another problem… stopping!  So many of the new 29″ and 36″ unicycles come with brakes or with the ability to fit them.  See the Nimbus Oracle.

Handles can be fitted to most road unicycles this allows the rider to hold on to.  This helps control of the unicycle when going fast and allows you transfer some of your weight to your arms.  The handle is also useful for carrying accessories such as bags, computers or lights.