A Freestyle unicycle refers to Freestyle Unicycling which is probably the original form of extreme unicycling.  It is based on performance and is carried out in hall or gymnasium, often to music.  Freestyle unicycling is often compared to figure skating.  Freestyle competitions are held around the world and the world championships UNICON are held every 2 years.

Freestyle unicycles are also the most common unicycle used to learn on.   These vary in size from 12″ up to 24″; the most common size for learning on is the 20″.  Learner unicycles tend to have longer cranks than competition freestyle unicycles, this is to help with stability.

Freestyle unicycles come in different sizes and shapes.  The saddles often have handles on them to help with tricks that require the saddle to removed from between the legs.  The frames on the more advanced unicycles will have flat top or shoulders on the frames to allow them riders foot to be place on it when riding one footed or even have both feet placed it when stand-up coasting or gliding.  On the very advanced freestyle unicycles like the Nimbus Eclipse they even have narrower hubs to allow for the riders to spin the wheel faster.

If you want to know more about freestyle unicycling find your local unicycle club or organisation.   You can find details of these from the IUF website or by asking on