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UDC Penny Farthing T-shirt - Blue

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Unicycle.com penny farthing t-shirt in steel blue.


This is our Brand New Penny Farthing T-shirt with our new Penny Farthing logo on the front. The back reads "Penny Farthings for the modern world #udcpenny"

Spread the #udcpenny tag we have! We would love to see all of your Penny Farthing pictures on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!!

Chest Size

S - 34/36"
M - 38/40"
L - 42/44"
XL - 46/48"
XXL -50/52"

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   Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What size Penny Farthing to buy?

    When buying a Penny Farthing it is important to know what size you require. You cannot just put the seat up or down!

    A wheel that is too large or too small will result in an uncomfortable ride. For general riding follow that table shown below. ...
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  • UDC Penny Farthings Manufacturers Page

    UDC Penny Farthings are from the worlds leading manufacturer and distributor of modern penny farthings.

    They supply penny farthings for all your needs; whether you are just riding or racing and trying break a world record. UDC stands for Unicyc...
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