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UDC Penny Farthing ISIS Hub - 64 Hole, Black

UDC Penny Farthing ISIS Hub with 64 Holes comes with Black powder coat finish

This is a modern Penny Farthing hub designed to work with the vast range of ISIS cranks.

* ISIS Drive interface
* 42mm bearings
* Superlight construction - 860g
* CrMO spindle
* Comes with 2, M12 x 16mm long ISIS bolts
* Comes with 2 x 5mm crank spacers
* Bearing pitch of 155mm
* 66.3mm flange width
* 62mm spoke hole PCD
* Weight: 860g

Drilled for 12g spokes

Note: this hub will not fit in a standard unicycle frame.

Hub flange width (W) = 125mm
Hub flange Diameter (D) = 80mm
Hub hole Diameter (S) = 3mm

Information on the spoke length for building a wheel can be found on our Spoke Calculator

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64 Hole
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