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20" Nimbus Eclipse-Pro Unicycle - Silver


The Eclipse-Pro is the ultimate freestyle unicycle that is both lightweight and strong. It is beautifully smooth to ride and perfect for that winning floor routine.

The Unicycle is sold tailored to your requirements, use our Frame Calculator to find out your frame length.

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The Eclipse-Pro features a newly designed frame that has oversized tubing in 34.9mm for optimum rigidity and strength pushing the boundaries of excellence to new levels.

The frame on these Unicycles are sold tailored to fit you. Use this calculator to work out the exact frame length you’re going to need.

This frame is designed to fit the narrower freestyle hubs (90mm), this gives the rider more control while performing spins and pirouettes. The knurled oval crown is excellent for foot placement during one foot and stand-up tricks. This frame also has a reinforcement insert hidden inside the top of the crown to give extra rigidity and strength.

If you prefer something a bit wider check out the big brother version, the Equinox-Pro.

Saddle: Nimbus Classic Unicycle Saddle - Black
Seatpost: Nimbus Aluminium Seatpost 300mm - (30.8)
Seatpost Clamp: Nimbus Seatpost Clamp - Black (34.9mm)
Frame: 20" Nimbus Eclipse-Pro Aluminium Frame (42mm)
Wheel-size: 20"
Tyre: Duro X-Performer 20" x 1.95" Tyre - White
Rim:  Aluminium Rim - Black (36 hole)
Spokes: 36 Spokes
Hub: Nimbus ISIS Alu Hub - 36 Hole (90mm) - Silver
Cranks: Nimbus VCX ISIS Cranks - 89mm (Silver)
Pedals: Round Plastic Pedals - Black

Weight: 4.60kg (Frame Length - 765mm)
For reference a Unicycle with the same specification but with a "Frame Length" of 630mm from the Frame Calculator weighs only 3.8kg.



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