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How to mount a Penny Farthing

1237 views  February 20, 2020

We have had many requests for a video and instruction on how to mount a Penny Farthing. Here is a video that illustrates how to mount and dismount a UDC Mk4 Penny Farthing safely. It also explains the key areas to look out for on the mounting and dismounting.

This video illustrates the main steps of how to mount and dismount a penny farthing safely.

1. Stand behind the Penny farthing straddling the rear wheel while holding onto the handlebars with both hands.
2. Place your (non dominant) foot on the lower step. Note this step can be positioned to the left or right.
3. Scoot the Penny Farthing forward as you would if you were on a skateboard or scooter.
4. Step-up on to the higher step. Note the position of the feet, the toes must be behind the wheel so if the wheel swings it does not touch the foot. Roger illustrates this particularly well on the dismount.
5. Slide forward on to the saddle.
6. Put your feet on the pedals.

The process for dismount is the same, but reversed. Remember to slow the penny farthing up, you can use the brake to help with this.

We recommend a pause between sitting on the seat and pedalling. This allows you to gain full control of the penny farthing before proceeding.

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