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Voodoo Unicycles at the Highland Show

Head of Voodoo Unicycles Jason Auld has shared with us his interesting experience at the highland show! Check it out..

The Royal Highland Show is Scotland's annual farming and countryside showcase and is organised by the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland.

The event attracts over 1,000 exhibitors, 4,500 head of livestock, and up to 190,000 visitors. It is the premier fixture in Scotland's farming calendar and generates over £200 million in business.

What does any of this have to do with Unicycling I hear you cry? Well, very little but Voodoo Unicycles has always been about evangelically spreading the word of Extreme Unicycling to communities and events who have never experienced it, so we grasped the opportunity with two hands like a bull rider or someone milking a cow.

Growing up in Edinburgh, the Highland Show is treated with the reverence of Glastonbury or T in the Park but instead of bands, there's free samples of milk and cheese. It's brilliant.
Thanks to the team at Bryson's Tractors, we managed to integrate some heavy machinery into our display rig in order to play up the farming theme, as well as bring an exciting twist to our usual obstacle course. We also had the pleasure of working with legendary Trials Biker Andrei Burton, showing the crowds that one wheel can hold it's own against two.
We were invited to be a part of the Landward show for BBC Scotland, which you can see below. Sarah the presenter was a delight to work with when the crew shot our demonstrations on Thursday. However, when the show went live on Friday night, the director asked us to wait around for a casual 4 hours in order to "hold Sarah up on the Unicycle". Don't get me wrong, I'm not too good to do manual labour and I'll do almost anything for free food but we were hanging around for what ended up being a massively awkward anticlimax. Check it out below and try your hardest not to cringe when the camera stays on us for what feels like an eternity. All credit to Sarah, as I'm sure Unicyclists should be added to the famous show business phrase "never work with children or animals".

All publicity is good publicity and on the day that the UK was shook by the referendum decision to leave the EU, we can say that Unicycling was featured on prime time television. I think that's pretty cool.




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